Focus on packing instead of financing

Whether you’re moving from halfway around the world or the next state over, relocating is an exciting – and stressful – proposition.  We’ll do everything we can to help you navigate these tricky waters.  Our flexible underwriting allows us to assist borrowers with no (or minimal) U.S. credit history, along with those who have a current residence that won’t be sold before relocation. 

Here’s an overview of our relocation program and general requirements:

  • Flexible underwriting, especially for borrowers with no (or minimal) U.S. credit history
  • Mortgage finance options available up to 80% of the purchase price with terms up to 30 years 
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • While a portion of the down payment monies can be a gift from a close relative, at least 10% of the down payment must be your own personal funds.
  • A hire letter can be used as proof of income for application purposes for anyone not working in the U.S. yet 
  • Social Security number is required no later than 10 days prior the scheduled closing/settlement date.
  • Reduced mortgage origination fee
  • Financing is available in all States except Texas and Puerto Rico.
  • Simple online application process

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