We’re excited to announce a new feature for members: Early direct deposits. Beginning today, you will now have access to your payroll and government direct deposits on the same day we receive notice of their arrival. This could be up to three days before the date they are scheduled to arrive in your account.

How does it work?

Ardent typically receives the notice for your upcoming direct deposit 1-3 days before we receive the funds to credit your account. Instead of your direct deposit appearing as “pending” on your account until that date, we’re now making the promised funds available to you when we receive the file notifying us of your upcoming deposit.

For example, if you are scheduled to receive your direct deposit paycheck on May 13 but we receive the deposit file on the day before, those funds would be available to you on May 12.

How might this impact loan payments?

If you use a scheduled automatic account transfer to make payments, your paycheck will post early but your scheduled payment will still occur on the original date. Using the example above, your paycheck may post early on May 12 but your auto transfer will remain scheduled for May 13.

If you use a payroll deduction to pay your loans, the payment date may change with the direct deposit. For example, a direct deposit that now posts on May 12 instead of May 13 could result in your loan payment also being made on May 12.

What do I need to do?

Nothing! This feature - automatically applies to all members. There’s no action required other than to enjoy early access to your payroll and government direct deposit.

Have questions? Feel free to give us a call at 800.806.9465 or view other ways to contact us.