0.75% APY1
30-Month Flex CD

0.50% APY1
18-Month Flex CD2

If you’re looking for more growth in your savings, our Flex CD is exactly what you need to get the boost you want.
  • Available in 18 and 30 month terms
  • $100 minimum deposit
  • Withdraw up to 50% with no penalty
  • Add funds anytime
  • Earn a great rate throughout the term
  • Insured and protected up to $250,0003
  • IRA and Jumbo CDs available

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1Annual Percentage Yield. An Ardent Savings Account with a minimum deposit of $5.00 is required.

2Funds can be added anytime during the term. Up to 50% of the Flex CD balance may be withdrawn one time during the term without penalty. Withdrawals in excess of 50% are subject to early withdrawal penalties. Fees may reduce earnings. Minimum deposit to open is $100. Maximum deposit is $500,000. Deposits can be added to the IRA CD up to your annual limit for IRA contributions. The Flex CDs automatically renew at maturity to the rate in effect at that time.

3Your savings is federally insured by the NCUA.