1.75% APY1
18-Month Flex CD

1.75% APY1
30-Month Flex CD

If you’re looking for more growth in your savings, our Flex CD is exactly what you need to get the boost you want.
  • $100 minimum deposit
  • Withdraw up to 50%, with no penalty 
  • Add funds anytime2
  • Maximum savings over the term
  • Insured and protected up to $500,0003

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1An Ardent share savings account with a minimum deposit of $5.00 is required.  Up to 50% of the Flex CD balance may be withdrawn one time during the term without penalty.  2Funds can be added anytime during the term.  Minimum deposit is $100, and the maximum deposit allowed is $500,000. 3Jumbo Share Certificates/IRAs $99,000.00 and above are protected to a level of $500,000. This protection includes $250,000 of coverage from Excess Share Insurance, as well as $250,000 from the NCUA. Your 18- and 30-Month Flex CD share certificates will automatically renew at maturity, as an 18-month and a 30-Month Flex CD, respectively, at the rate in effect on their maturity date.