It’s no secret that for most people car buying isn’t much fun. If the stress of picking the right car isn’t enough to make you uncomfortable, then the rest of the car buying experience just might. To make matters worse, you probably barely remember how it all happened the last time (or perhaps you’re still trying to forget).

That’s where our free Auto Buying Concierge (ABC) service comes in. Our in-house automotive concierges have your back. We can help you with as much of the car buying experience as you need. All you have to do is ask. Need advice on car buying dos and don’ts? We’ll be your coach. Looking to find out the value of your trade-in? We’ll be your resource. Need someone to assist with negotiating the price of the car? We’ll be your advocate. This service may be known as ABC, but we’re there for you from A to Z. Our job won’t be done until we take the stress and hassle out of car buying.

With our Auto Buying Concierge, Ardent members can:Average saving per member using Auto Buying Concierge is $3,556

  • Receive advice on what to do and not do at the dealership
  • Find out what to look for during the test drive
  • Learn about financing options and how to make the most of available rebates
  • Determine when to buy versus lease
  • Locate the vehicle they want
  • Estimate the value of their trade-in
  • Receive assistance with price negotiation
  • Coordinate with an automotive concierge to be "on-call" during dealership hours

Why do we offer the Auto Buying Concierge service free to Ardent members? Because no one should make a major purchase without a knowledgeable ally in their corner.

Meet our Automotive Concierges

Steve Roberts:
From Matchbox cars as a small boy to SCCA Autocross Racing, I have always had a love for cars and people. So, it’s no surprise that I’m the car guy that I am today. A Bucks County native, I spent 15+ years as a car salesman and sales manager at one of the largest dealerships in the country. The best part about being at Ardent is I now get to save people money.

Peter Kuryluk:
Growing up, I spent many days at car shows and sitting in a mechanic shop watching classic muscle cars being built.  As time went on, I found myself working as a service specialist to pay my way through college.  My passion and involvement in the car industry continued as I worked my way up to sales manager.  I have always found an enjoyment and excitement in helping people with their auto needs.  Now, with Ardent, I am able to take this to another level!  


Let us know how we can reach you and we’ll tell you more.