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The Nitty Gritty

45 Random Acts of Kindness to celebrate 45 years of Ardent

This February marks Ardent Credit Union’s 45th anniversary. In a happy coincidence, the exact date falls during Random Acts of Kindness Week, a nationwide campaign to make kindness the norm in our daily lives.

This initiative embodies the cooperative spirit that founded Ardent and still drives us today, so we’ve decided to celebrate 45 years of service to our community with 45 random acts of #ArdentKindness for our members during the week of February 14th.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. We would love for you join us by spreading even more kindness throughout our community.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a grand gesture or fancy prizes to share some cooperative spirit with folks you encounter in your daily life. Sometimes all it takes is holding a door or a little creativity to make a huge difference in someone’s day.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of ideas for how to help spread random acts of kindness.

  • Make a charitable donation. Donate what you can to a nonprofit organization in need. Every little bit helps!
  • Donate your time. Don’t have extra cash to give? No problem. Volunteer with a local park cleanup, homeless shelter, children’s tutoring program or senior center. Locate a volunteer opportunity near you.
  • Donate your stuff. Decluttering? Donate gently used items to a charity or homeless, women’s or veterans shelter. Animal shelters also often accept gently used towels and sheets.
  • Pay it backward. At a coffeeshop or Wawa? Pay the tab for the person behind you in line!
  • Inspire. Write inspirational quotes on post-it notes and put them around your office, school or home.
  • Reward great service. Was someone in customer service especially kind? Take a few moments to tell their manager about it or complete a survey.
  • Let someone know you’re thinking of them. Send encouraging text messages to three people you haven’t seen in a while or who are going through a tough time.
  • Use Linkedin. Write a brief recommendation or endorse someone whose skills you can vouch for.
  • Put the phone away. Give the person you’re with your full attention when speaking with them.
  • Shovel. Did it snow recently? Help shovel out a neighbor’s car or make sure your elderly neighbors have a clear path out their door.
  • Leave extra quarters at the laundromat or a gas gift card at the pump.
  • Thank a coworker. Leave a notecard at their desk or send an email.
  • Say hello. Learn the names of security guards and front desk workers at your office, apartment building or gym. Greet them by name the next time you see them.
  • Bake some goodies to leave in your mailbox for the mail carrier or delivery person.
  • Help out a family member. Clean, cook or do a chore that’s normally their job.

As you can see, there’s no shortage simple, affordable ways to spread a little kindness in your daily life. So, will you join us for some #ArdentKindness?