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The Nitty Gritty

Frugal Fill-Ups: 10 Ways to Save at the Pump

Don’t let skyrocketing fuel prices drive you crazy – there are many ways to put an immediate dent in your gas bill.

First, nothing will save you more money at the station than a fuel-efficient car. Large, heavy vehicles can burn up to three times as much fuel as small cars – and as gas prices rise, your wallet will groan with every extra pound. If it’s time for a trade in, seriously consider purchasing a car that was built to get good gas mileage. There may even be tempting tax breaks for investing in the latest technology. The following tips will speed up your savings even further – print them out and keep them in your car as a daily reminder.

  1. Keep your tires filled with the right amount of air
  2. Drive the speed limit
  3. Use cruise control on the open road, when safe
  4. Accelerate slowly when leaving the stoplight
  5. Don’t rev your engine
  6. Use GPS to avoid getting lost and wasting gas
  7. Combine errands into one trip when it makes sense
  8. Use websites and apps that list gas stations with the lowest prices such as
  9. Don’t drive far out of your way to save a few pennies at another gas station
  10. Ask your employer if they will let you work from home a few days per month