What do I need to know?

Account Aggregators and Accounting Software

Please visit ardentcu.org/upgrade for information on what you need to do when you first login.
Other account aggregators: If your Ardent account information isn’t updating, disconnect your Ardent accounts and then reconnect them after February 10, 2020.
Telephone TellerPlease listen carefully as some prompts may have changed. For example, you will be prompted for the last four digits of your account number (see the account number section below)
Telephone Teller has changed. When using the new Telephone Teller for the first time, you must call from a phone number associated with your account. You will be prompted for your member number and access code. Your access code is the last four digits of the primary member’s social security number.  You may need to reestablish your cross-member transfers by calling us at 800.806.9465. Check numbers for checks cleared prior to February 3 will not be available via Telephone Teller. The numbers will be available for all checks clearing after February 3.
Kasasa Cash Back and Kasasa Cash Checking Accounts
Your checking account benefits will remain the same. However, the account names
are changing:
• Kasasa Cash Back will be called Cashback Checking
• Kasasa Cash will now be called High-Yield Checking

Your qualification cycle to earn ATM fee refunds and cash back (Cashback Checking) or a higher interest rate (High-Yield Checking) will be the calendar month starting with February.

Beginning with your February statement, some of the descriptions you normally see may change. Statement notifications will no longer be sent via text. Instead, your notification will be sent to the primary email on the account.

Does anything look different after the upgrade?

Account Numbers
You may notice that your account number is one or two digits longer. However, you will not need to make changes to anything using your pre-upgrade account number.  Direct deposits and other electronic transactions will continue to process with the shorter account number. Your current checks will continue to work. 
Zeros are being added between the member number and the account suffix that together form your account number. Account Number - Before upgrade: 12345602; After upgrade: 1234560002
Leading zeros are being added to the account suffix to make them all four digits.
You will see your available balance for deposit accounts and full account number on the My Accounts screen. 
Screenshot of ebanking My Accounts page
The recipient section of the Member to Member single transfer will require you to select an Account Type.
Screenshot of account information form