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Ardent has helped me in many ways. When I refinanced my home, my monthly payments became cheaper and 10 years were cut off my mortgage. A little while back I found a car I wanted to buy, [Auto Buying Concierge] Steve actually found me the same car I was looking to buy with less miles and was able to negotiate an additional $3,000 off the price.”

-Martin M.
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“I used Ardent Credit Union to purchase two properties. At every step, they have been responsive and dedicated to providing a great customer experience. Even after my purchases Damien has continued to provide great customer service. Whenever I've had questions, he's been quick to respond with the information I need.”

-Raphael M.
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We would like to give our thanks and appreciation to Steve and Lara for the amazing care they provided on the recent purchase of our truck. The entire process was completed within one day. Steve actually personally drove to Downingtown to deliver the check. We felt like rock stars when we went into the dealership since people were commenting on the personal delivery.”

-Ken and Pat J.
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Workshops & Events
Planning for Money Milestones

To help prepare for a positive financial future—without sacrificing fun—we take a realistic approach to managing finances. We’ll cover SMART goals, getting financially organized, building a budget, controlling expenses, and more!

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Center City Workshop
Coupon Like a Pro

Stop grocery shopping like an amateur. Learn how to significantly slash your grocery bill with couponing pros.

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Basics of saving and investing

Learn about savings strategies and tactics, investment tools, and how to develop an investment portfolio that works with their lifestyle and budget.

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Saving for a Goal

We all have wish lists, but we don’t all have the cash on hand to pay for them. Whether it’s a “need” like college tuition or your first home or a “want” like..

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