I would like to stop payment on a cashier’s check.  Depending on the amount of the check and the payee, Ardent may require a notarized statement that includes both you and the Payee.

  Payee is an Individual
(e.g. contractor)

Payee is a Business or Corporation
(e.g. Merchant biller)

Check is less than $1000 Complete Form 2 below

Complete Form 2 below

Check is $1000 or more Complete Form 1 and 2 below

Complete Form 1 and 2 below. Both the Member and the Payee must be included in the notary.









When the cashier’s check is less than $1000, please skip to the second button below.
When the cashier’s check is $1000 or more:

1.    Please complete and notarize the first form.
2.    Complete the second form below and attach the notarized form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 800.806.9465.

Cashier’s Check Stop Payment Acknowledgement


Please click below to submit your stop payment request to Ardent.    
Remember if your check is $1000 or more, attach the notarized statement from above.

Cashier's Check Stop Payment