Ardent mortgages help improve your life

Buying a home is a major milestone and when you’re ready for that long-term commitment, Ardent is here to help you navigate through the home mortgage process.

We have a variety of financing options for you to choose from and our array of home mortgage loans can be structured to help serve your best interests. We offer flexible underwriting and low down payment options to meet your financing needs. If you have questions, contact any one of our helpful mortgage originators via email To view a list of our current mortgage originators, simply click here, and type “Ardent Credit Union.”

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Budget with certainty when your interest rate and principal payment never change.

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Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

Take advantage of lower initial interest rates compared to fixed-rate options.

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Balloon Loans

Monthly payments remain much lower at the beginning of the term.

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Jumbo Loans

Look to Ardent when you need to borrow beyond the $417,000 conventional limit.

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First-Time Homebuyers

Lower down payment requirements open the door to homeownership.

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