Alert behavior can help you avoid trouble

Identity theft is an all-too-common crimes that involves someone using your personal or financial information without your consent. You can monitor activity by ordering a free credit report every year.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

  • Credit card and account statements are delayed in the mail
  • You're denied credit for no reason
  • You receive bills for purchases you never made
  • Collection agencies try to collect on debts you didn't incur
  • Credit reports show new, unauthorized accounts

Take Swift Action if You're a Victim

  • Place a fraud alert on your credit file by contacting a major credit reporting bureau (Trans Union, Experian, or Equifax), which will then notify the other bureaus
  • Alert affected businesses over the phone and in writing, and close tampered accounts or those opened without your consent
  • File a police report and request a copy for yourself because you may need it for businesses requiring proof of the crime
  • Report the crime to the Federal Trade Commission