An Ardent Renovation Loan is the only home improvement loan that can increase your borrowing power. We use the value of your home after renovation to determine how much you can borrow. That means you can do your complete project now with one loan. No mortgage refinancing required.

Plus, our Renovation Loan comes with a free concierge service. We’ve partnered with RenoFi, a company dedicated to helping homeowners through the renovation process, to evaluate your project, help nail down your budget and assist with vetting contractors.

Our Renovation Loan starts as a line of credit you can borrow against to cover your renovation costs for up to 2 years. After 2 years, it converts to a low fixed-rate loan. 

  • Loan amounts from $20,000 to $250,000
  • 20-year fixed-rate repayment and no pre-payment penalty
  • Borrow up to 95% of the after-renovation value*

With this unique Renovation Loan, you can start creating your someday home today. 

Want to learn more about our renovation financing?

Simply provide your information and we’ll have a concierge team member from our partner RenoFi contact you.


An Ardent Renovation Loan can significantly increase your borrowing power. Unlike a traditional home equity loan that calculates your available equity based on your current home value, our Renovation Loan allows you to borrow against your home’s after-renovation value. 

There are two main differences. First, an Ardent Renovation Loan does not require you to refinance your first mortgage. Second, there is no excessive paperwork, cumbersome inspections and complicated draw processes. With the Ardent Renovation Loan, the homeowner receives the money and pays for the work as it is completed.

Homeowners taking out an Ardent Renovation Loan will work with RenoFi to review their plans or blueprints, check their homeowners insurance, and assess their contractor - all with the aim of ensuring our members are put in the best position to successfully complete their renovation.

To start, complete the form above. Our partners at RenoFi will contact you to discuss your project and collect the necessary renovation related documents. Once renovation plans are finalized, the lending process can begin. From loan application to closing takes about 30 days.

The maximum loan amount is $250,000. However, not everyone will qualify for the maximum amount.  Your home’s after-renovation loan-to-value ratio, your credit worthiness and your income, will determine your maximum loan amount.

*Your home’s after-renovation loan-to-value ratio, your credit worthiness and your income will determine your maximum loan amount. Subject to credit approval. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate. The amount borrowed for renovation together with any other mortgages cannot exceed 95% of the after-renovation property value on 1-to-4 family owner-occupied primary properties. Among the ineligible property types are investment properties (defined as non-owner-occupied), co-ops, mobile homes, manufactured houses and properties located in the state of Texas. Homeowners property insurance is required. Flood insurance may be required.  Fees and charges may apply. Minimum Payment Example: If you made only the minimum monthly payment and took no other credit advances it would take 20 years to pay off a credit advance of $20,000 at an annual percentage rate of 5.49%. During that period, you would make 240 payments of $137.46. Membership eligibility is required.